Mystic Valley-Thailand

This past weekend, I worked Mystic Valley Thailand, in Khao Yai National Park. I was blessed enough to talk to two of my favorite artists (Nakadia and Alle Farben) who performed, and take many pictures of many beautiful people and moments (below). <3<3 Favorite artists: Nakadia (Thailand). Nakadia is one of


Europe (?)

  $40…. One Eurail pass….One best friend…2 weeks…..Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin Christmas with new friends from Tunisia, New Years with a lovely human Emily and scary fireworks. Bliss.  


On January 11, Afrika and I went to LACMA. It helped dispel some of the writer’s bloc that I had been feeling, which I captured in the poem below prior to going. It flows and floats From off the pen I don’t want to correct it again It’s rubbish, it’s

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