T3CHNOLINI Kundalini Yoga 6-15-2023

  Date: Jun 15

  Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

  Venue: SOULVINES Vines Wellness

  Location: 1915 S Babcock St Suite 105, Melbourne, FL 32901

“Technolini” elevates the mind, body and spirit from stress into creative freedom through live and electronic music, breathwork, and spinal movement.
"Technolini" is a crescendo Kundalini yoga class experience, starting off with Eastern inspired deep house and melodic techno, peaking into industrial techno, at which point the kapalbhati (breath of fire) technique from Kundalini is utilized to sync music, breath and our heartbeat coherently, causing transformative activation and allowing us to profound come out of our minds and bodies. This can bring about great mental, physical, and spiritual awakenings. This will be a live DJ session with Bry (playing her own and other music) while leading a Kundalini class.
Technolini extremely stimulates both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The peak of the class is very intense, activating the sympathetic nervous system for people who experience depression, sluggishness, slowness, etc. The come down and relaxation at the end (savasana) activates the parasympathetic system, allowing people who deal with anxiety and restlessness to completely relax even more deeply than they would before.
The combination of music, breathwork and movement allows you to sync both the conscious and subconscious mind for a simultaneously grounding and out-of- body experience to heal and reach your highest potential.

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