24 Hours in Bangkok

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The ISA Journal


Natalie Schunk is a student at Grand Valley State University and an ISA Photo Blogger. She is currently studying abroad with ISA in Bangkok, Thailand.


7 AM – Wake up at Green Park Home to get ready for class before having  breakfast: rice soup with squid. It’s common to eat a dish with meat, rice, or noodles even this early in the morning.


8 AM – The van takes us straight from the dorm to Mahidol University. Classes are mixed with both International students and local Thai students, and the experience is truly special as you feel completely immersed in the educational environment.


9 AM – Walking around campus, every student can be seen in uniform. Initially, the idea of wearing a uniform was off-putting, but it feels nice to be able to easily identify as a student. It also means less laundry to clean.


10 AM –…

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